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This will be a space where ARTEH® collaborators, travel journalists or friend reviewers will give their opinion about an ARTEH® Hotel. They will share their experiences, the landscapes they appreciated, the elements they touched, the flavours they tasted, the sounds they heard and the fragrances they felt.

What we really want is to share our experiences, to feed expectations, to transmit environments and atmospheres, we to reveal a little of your next dream experience in an ARTEH® Hotel.

Pezula Resort Hotel & SPA, Knysna Hotel, South Africa

The Refinement of Casa Palacio Conde de La Corte by Sandra M. Pinto

"Situated in the square where the town-hall of Zafra is located, the Casa Palacio Conde de La Corte hotel stands out; due firstly to its façade which transports us immediately to a universe of refinement, and also to the magnificence of the building itself, that we came to discover was a noble house, more precisely belonging to Don Agustín Mendoza y Montero, Conde de la Corte and his family."

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June 2011


The Charismatic Convento de La Parra by Maria da Assunçăo Avillez

"On tour through Spanish lands I stopped for two days in the charismatic Convento de La Parra."

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May 2011


The Secrets of Casa Palacio Conde de La Corte and Convento de La Parra by Diana Ribeiro

"We depart from Lisbon on a true adventure, to discover the history and traditions of the city of Zafra and the tranquility of Vila de La Parra…"

View more about Casa Palacio Conde de La Corte and Convento de La Parra Experience.

May 2011


The Amazing Palácio da Lousă by Diana Resende

"The Palácio da Lousă was a real surprise!"

View more about Palácio da Lousă Experience.

April 2011


The Final Curtain at the Hotel Teatro by Diana Ribeiro

"It is right in the center of Oporto next to Avenida dos Aliados, next to the famous Rua de Santa Catarina and the Mercado do Bulhăo, that we find the dazzling Hotel Teatro."

View more about Hotel Teatro Experience.

March 2011


A romantic weekend at Farol Design Hotel by Cristina de Azevedo Rosa

"In the past Saturday 12th of March 2011, my husband and I had the privilege of lodging at the Farol Design Hotel in Cascais which was a very pleasant break."

View more about Farol Design Hotel Experience.

March 2011


Cape Grace, an adventure in South Africa by Antónia Barroso

"It was by pure fate that I recently stayed in Cape Grace, Cape Town, during two nights and I could not have been luckier, because of the hotel itself, which is excellent, and its location."

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September 2010


The Magic of Areias do Seixo with ARTEH® by Diana Ribeiro

"We leave for the Santa Rita beach, near the Santa Cruz beach, to discover Areias do Seixo. On the horizon we sight the unusual lines of a grey and copper toned building in the middle of the pine wood, and its unexpected location arouses our curiosity…

On arrival we are received by the Hotel owners, Marta Fonseca and Gonçalo Alves, who invited us (...)."

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April 2010


The Vila Joya Suprise in Guia, Albufeira with ARTEH® by Catarina Vasconcelos

“ARTEH® organized the Press Trip "The Vila Joya Surprise", an ARTEH® Hotel in Guia, Albufeira - Algarve.

We departed from Lisbon headed for Vila Joya. After some hours on the road the sea could already be glimpsed and on a common road, barely noticeable, we found the hotel. But after passing through the gates everything was transformed!(...)"

View more about Vila Joya Experience.

November 2009


Discovering the Casas do Côro in Marialva with ARTEH® by Diana Ribeiro

"The Press Trip took off from Lisbon, and after driving for some hours we found the Casas do Côro at the top of the small village of Marialva. This is a tranquil place where it’s hard not to surrender to the charm of the Hotel, to the tasty toasted almonds and the refreshing “welcome drink” lemonade.

In the dining room where we were received, the decoration, the style and the pieces of furniture (...)"

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June 2009

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